9. Origami Deutschland Convention in Wuerzburg:


The Convention started at 17:00 in the Technikum Hotel with a small speech by Susanne Wellenberg. Being late, I only heard a few words, mainly about having fun and happy folding. Which was just what I intended to do.Blue head with pipe
Searching for familiar nametags, I first found David Lister, introduced myself, and was immediately involved in an interesting discussion about life, the universe, and everything . All too soon it was time for dinner, and after that I took a first look at the many origami models that participants had on display.
Then Mr Kunihiko Kasahara, the special guest, talked about his vision of Origami. A lady from the Siebold Museum expertly translated from Japanese to German and vice versa. Mr. Kasahara also had some sheets with diagrams: Some Origami models Froebel used for kindergarden, and very old japanese instructions on making 1000 cranes. Twisting foldThe sheets themselves were interesting: they very elegantly collapsed into a third of their original size. I believe this is a traditional fold.
One of Mr. Kasahara's statements was that over all the mathematic and geometric applications of Origami we should not forget that we fold for fun, and not for science.
After this presentation, and although it was getting late, people started folding at several tables. Some even stayed awake until well after midnight. Not me. I took another look and some pictures of the displayed models, and then I was ready for some sleep. I hadn't slept a lot the previous night, and due to some delays my voyage had taken almost 10 hours instead of only about 6 ½. So 22:00 seemed a good time to get some sleep.


-A mask folded by I don't know who- if you know, please tell me!
-The fold Kasahara used to fold his sheets he presented at his speech

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