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Welcome to the origami newsgroups

Hi and welcome to this newsgroup. For those of you not familiar with the subject: Origami is the art of paper folding.
There is a community of dedicated folders who participate in this newsgroup and will try to offer help, suggestions and comments regarding your origami postings wherever possible. Please do not feel offended if you do not get a response as people may not always have the answer to what you are looking for. Sometimes, the number of postings may be small and sometimes there may be a bit of Spam, but there are people reading! For those of you new to origami on the net, here are a few things to get you started:

1) How many origami newsgroups are there?

There are three newsgroups. Namely, alt.arts.origami, rec.arts.origami, and Sadly, is not a thriving NG and is often full of pornagraphy ads - be warned! However, once in a while there are legitimate postings.

2) Where can I search for diagrams?

3) Are there any good sites on the web?

There are lots of sites available. Use your search engines to look up "origami". Here are a few sites to help get you started. This short listing is not meant to say that one site is better than another; it is just to help newcomers get started. General sites where you can find information, diagrams and links:

4) I want to join an origami society!

Check out the "Information" link at Joseph Wu's site, mentioned above.

5) Where can I buy origami books and papers?

For a listing of online and offline commercial sites check the following link: <>. (Janet Hamilton's List of Origami Sources)

6) Where are all the discussions about origami?

In here, of course! However, there is also a high-volume origami mailing list with lots of discussions. Check out Joseph Wu's Origami Page (address listed above) and look under the Information link. Please make sure you read all the options available to avoid any surprises. In particular, you should take special note on how to unsubscribe in case you find that the mailing list is not for you.

7) What about the French mailing list, and French origami sites?

8) And the German mailing list?

Die deutschsprachige Origami-Mailingliste hat ihre Homepage bei egroups: <>.

9) Is there an origami chat group?

There is a dedicated group of origami enthusiasts on DALnet's #origami. For more information on how to join IRC chat groups, go directly to the DALnet site. Check their help files as well as software links to get set up. <>.

10) Is this message available on the web?

The welcome message and a short list of origami links submitted by users are available here. If you are interested in adding your site, please submit your URL and a short description of the content of your site to Matthias. This message is created and maintained by Matthias Gutfeldt and Wayne Ko. It is posted about once every week for the benefit of people new to the origami newsgroups. Any comments regarding this posting can be directed to this newsgroup or you can email:

Links submitted by subscribers

Maintainer: Melani
Title: Origami Links
Description:"I started this page with maybe 10 of my favorite links. Then a fit of insanity struck and I did a search at I got 11568 hits and sifted through 800+ when I noticed the hits had jumped to 31002. I finally got smart and refined the search to Origami & Diagrams. This is the result. I tried to keep to non-commercial sites with diagrams so unless I've said otherwise, you'll find plenty to fold below."

Maintainer: Wayne Ko
Title: Wayne's Paper Creations
Description:"Wayne's collection of original Science Fiction origami models, origami writings, paper miniatures (15 mm Napoleonics and 25 mm Samurai) and samurai heraldry of the Takeda and Uesugi clans."

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