In the beginning there were 3 brothers with acoustic guitars who opened their minds to let everything come true.

In 1990 ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE started playing as an electric group (brothers:guitars,vocals,bass  godi:drums)influenced by musicians such as HASIL ADKINS,BO DIDDLEY,MOE TUCKER and some mid 60's psychedelic garage bands.

After some local concerts they recorded in 1991 the demo-tape "LET DOWN" (lim. edit. 16) with an old Philips tape recorder. Some months later the second demo tape "LET DOWN" (lim. edit. 150) was out. The same songs recorded with a better yet borrowed tape recorder.

In 1992 after they recorded "SPONGMAN" for the GARAGE PUNK SWITZERLAND compilation GODI left the band. The brothers started working with full automatic guitar-feedbacks, an organ, an acoustic guitar, vocals and a simple floor-tom drum. The result was a new demo tape "LIFE IS SUICIDE IN SLOWMOTION", recorded with a 2-track tape. The tape included 3 songs , each of 'em longer than 10 min.

In the summer of 1993 OLIVER , another loser from the neighbourhood , started hitting the drum and SOPHIE began playing the organ . In the following year they played a few special gigs in SWITZERLAND , special because ROY was a band supported by some friends , non musicians , who joined the crazyness and played drums, noise guitars or sang with effect mic's .

In '94 ROY recorded the first 7" "BRIGHT LIGHTS IN A LONG SUMMER DREAM" (JUNK 023 lim.edit. 300) produced and mixed by KAT-BUTT (BISHOPS DAUGHTER) and ROY . On side A a noisy, one chord, 8 minute cover-version of JIMMY REED's "BRIGHT LIGHTS-BIG CITIES". On the B-side a straight 5-minute , one chord country number called "LSD".

With the producers KAT-BUTT they recorded also the second 7" that came out in 1995 . "LOUD AND AS BAD FOR THE KIDS AS DOPE" (JUNK 032) has on the A-side a very trashy and stoned version of the mid-60's texas punk song "MR.SPONGEMAN". On the B-side is "I MEET JEFFREY(HE'S SITTING IN THE DITCH AND HIS BIKE'S BROKEN DOWN)".

Watch out for their new record that is gonna come out in January '97 on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS . It's gonna be a 10" with 8 songs on it .

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